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Call or Text:   (718) 637-4604

Paintings, tapestries and watercolors are available at select galleries
and museum exhibitions in major cities around the world. Private  
viewings are also available at 2266 N Prospect Ave, Ste 524, Milwaukee,
WI 53202 by appointment for collectors, ​consultants, interior designers
and architects.  

​​​Barbara Rae Schaefer  Original abstract oil paintings, tapestries and watercolors

Museum of Wisconsin Art
2020 Members Show

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Grove Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
October, 2020
Virtual Exhibition Tour

​3-Square Gallery, Fort Collins, CO 2020

Bas Bleu Gallery, Fort Collins, CO 2019

​Alliance Francais, Dubai, 2018

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, 2015

Denise Bibro Gallery, NYC, 2015

Muriel Guépin Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2009

​ Andrews Art Museum, NC, 2010

Ezair Gallery  New York, NY 2008